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    Waterslide Wrap and Decal Instructions

    Disclaimer: Waterslide wraps and decals work best with a tacky base and no smudge top coat OR our gel liquids, over a light/white base. We cannot guarantee the performance of waterslide decals when used with dip liquids as dip liquids are corrosive and can eat away at the paper.

    1. Prep your nail by either applying tacky base, no smudge dip top coat or gel and allow to dry/cure. Our water slide decals and nail wraps will look the best over a light colored base.
    2. Cut your water slide as close to the design as you can. We recommend small eyebrow scissors.
    3. Place your water slide in the water for 10-20 seconds until it is visibly soaked through. .
    4. Using your tweezers, remove water slide from water and slide it off the backing with your fingers..
    5. Place the water slide on your nail, here you can gently manipulate the water slide to fit and move where you want it to. If the water slide gets dry, dab some water back on it.. 
    6. Gently pat dry and allow water slide to continue to dry or cure your gel.
    7. For the longest lasting decal, apply a layer of clear dip and finish as normal. Or, simply apply your favorite no smudge top coat or gel top coat.

    Post your beautiful new mani in our Facebook group, or on IG and tag us so we can see your creations!


    • If you have trouble with bubbles or wrinkles, simply slice a small hole and pat down where the decal has the bubble or wrinkle.
    • Cut small slits where your cuticle line will be, as illustrated below to prevent wrinkling.
    • Use a makeup sponge to pat down and remove excess water.
    • Cut inside the decal to make it thinner and shorter if you have smaller nail beds.