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    Gel Liquid Instructions

    1. Prep nail by pushing back cuticles, lightly buffing using your Pampered Pretties buffer and using dehydrator/bond as preferred
    2. Apply a thin layer of your Pampered Pretties 2in1 gel, while being careful to not flood your cuticles
    3. Pour dip powder evenly over nail bed, using your Pampered Pretties over flow try to catch the excess powder.
    4. Use a cuticle stick or tool of your choice to go around cuticles and clean around the edges for a neater final result.
    5. Cure under UV lamp for 15 seconds
    6. Brush off excess powder with your Pampered Pretties dust brush.
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 until desired thickness. We suggest 2-3 dips.
    8. If using a chunkier glitter, we suggest encapsulating in a layer of clear dip, by repeating steps 2 and 3 with our clear acrylic to buff or an extra layer of gel to protect the glitter.
    9. Buff and finish shaping as needed.
    10. Apply two thin layers of top coat and cure for 15-30 seconds
    11. Finish with your Pampered Pretties cuticle oil.

    Enjoy your Pampered Pretties Manicure for up to two weeks and be sure to share in our Facebook group or IG so we can see your creations!!