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    Dip Liquid Instructions

    1. Push back and remove any cuticle from nail surface.
    2. Trim and file nails to desired length
    3. Buff off shine from nail and remove any excess dust.
    4. Wipe nail with rubbing alcohol or apply nail dehydrator.
    5. Apply a thin layer of dip base coat avoiding your cuticles and skin. 
    6. Dip into or pour over dip powder.
    7. Using a precision tool or cuticle stick, go around your cuticle line if necessary to remove any powder touching the cuticle.
    8. Brush off excess powder.
    9. Repeat steps 5 - 7 two to three more times.
    10. Apply activator to all nails and let dry 
    11. File and buff nails to the desired shape and thickness. 
    12. Buff nails smooth and brush off any excess dust.
    13. Apply second coat of activator and let dry
    14. Wipe all nails with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess activator
    15. Apply a thin layer of dip top coat quickly to all nails. 
    16. Apply a second more precise layer of top coat to all nails. Let dry for 5 minutes.
    17. Apply your favorite cuticle oil and enjoy your new manicure!